Oioi | Playground Crossbody Bag - Brown Leather


Designed for those short trips out and about, whether it is ducking down to the local park with your little one or getting drinks with the girls, the cross-body bag will be your go-to every single day.

One of our most favourite parts about this bag is how perfectly it sits inside the OiOi backpack. It fits all of your essentials, so for those times you don't need to bring your whole bag, you can just pluck out your Playground bag and you’re out the door!

The Playground Bag also comes with two straps so you can change it up depending on your outfit:

  • The Everyday Strap: Wide Canvas Strap with Terracotta Trim (adjustable 75cm to 120cm)
  • The Date-Night Strap: Minimalist Terracotta Leather Strap (adjustable 75cm to 120cm)

Both are adjustable!

And in true OiOi style, there is a place for everything:

  • Outside slip pocket for your smartphone
  • Outside "secret" flap pocket - great size for cash, tissues or hiding your phone from your selfie-obsessed toddler 
  • Inside slip pocket for your cards
  • Inside zip pocket for coins/lippies/personal items
  • The Main Compartment is just the right size. When we were deciding on the dimensions, Oioi made sure to test different toddler bottles, cameras and more.

Dimensions: 8cm x 21.5cm x 15cm

About the Leather:

Oioi made sure to work with a tannery that works exclusively with hides that would sadly otherwise go to landfill (by-product of USA food industry) and whose process is 100% traceable through Leather Working Group audits (their strict protocol focuses on energy and water usage, waste management and the control of harmful chemicals).

Oioi are incredibly proud to still be a 100% family owned and operated business.

Oioi have a close relationship with their boutique factory to ensure all products are manufactured ethically and to the best quality standard. They have worked with this factory for almost 15 years now and collaborate with them daily.