Good Dough Co | Playdough - Nature Burst


This is Good Dough Co's Signature Dough, with organic petals mixed through and a hint of lavender and patchouli oils.

The petals are by Barakah botanicals. Each petal is handpicked and naturally air-dried.

400g packaged in a reusable glass jar.

Playing with dough has plenty of educational benefits. It can help children develop crucial creativity and fine motor skills in a fun way. Rolling and stamping dough has a calming effect, and is great for developing hand-eye coordination.

Whilst this playdough is all natural, we do suggest keeping it for play only and not eating!

Suggested for 3+ years. Always use under adult supervision.

Always store playdough in an air tight jar or plastic wrap. With natural playdough, salt crystals may form which is completely normal. Just knead the dough and they’ll disappear!