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Screen Time Alternatives: Creative Indoor Activities for Kids

When you think of popular indoor activities for kids in the modern age, you tend to think of digital devices such as the TV, smart phones, computers and video games. The negative effects of too much screen time is well known and acknowledged, but it’s often the most convenient way to entertain little kids (and big kids for that matter!) ...
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The back of three kids wearing waterproof clothing

Rainy Day? The Top 5 Latest Waterproof Clothing Trends for Kids

On a rainy day, it may take a little more pre-planning but it’s more than possible to get your kids outside splashing and having a blast. From colour changing umbrellas to overalls and gumboots, we’ve rounded up all the waterproof clothing your child will need to create a magical playtime in the rain...
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Mt Evelyn sign and old train station

How To Have Fun with The Family in Mount Evelyn

The perfect pitstop for lovers of exploring and outdoor picnics, Mount Evelyn also accommodates plenty of browsing and buying, with everything from cafes and clothes shops, to boutiques and farmers markets. So, if you’re looking for your next family-friendly adventure, come and experience some of our favourite things to do in Mount Evelyn…

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Baby shower gifts

Best Baby Shower Gifts For A Mum-To-Be

Unless you've had or been to a baby shower before, you probably aren't sure where to start looking for the best baby shower gifts. However, the task becomes easier if the person you want to gift has a baby registry already. Otherwise, you'll be left to fend for yourself while shopping...
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Girl with non toxic princess doll

5 Advantages of Non-Toxic Toys for Children

It can be exhausting trying to guess what's potentially dangerous for your child. While you shouldn't bog yourself down with unnecessary concerns, there is plenty to worry about when it comes to mainstream, mass-manufactured toys. To answer this crisis, there are more and more toys being manufactured specifically with conscientiousness in mind. Here are the five advantages of non-toxic toys for children...

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Young girl stacking educational toy blocks

Educational Toys: The Benefits of Learning More Through Play

It has been shown over and over that children learn best via play. However, as with other things in life, not all toys are made the same. While it is essential to enable children to experiment with various toys whilst playing, it is also crucial to offer them educational toys that are entertaining and helpful to their development...

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