Rainy Day? The Top 5 Latest Waterproof Clothing Trends for Kids

A rainy day doesn’t have to equal bored kids in front of a screen. Instead, get on some rain suits, play jackets, and waterproof clothing and get outside. The Australian Government Department of Health recommends children are physically active for at least 60 minutes per day.

On a rainy day, it may take a little more pre-planning but it’s more than possible to get your kids outside splashing and having a blast. From colour changing umbrellas to overalls and gumboots, we’ve rounded up all the waterproof clothing your child will need to create a magical playtime in the rain.

So, let’s get splashing!

1. Waterproof Overalls & Rain Suits

If you think waterproof clothing stops with a rain jacket, you haven’t seen waterproof overalls. These overalls are worn right over your kids’ dry clothes. They can slip them on before walking to school, a rainy play session, or a trip to the park to keep their clothes clean.

Without waterproof overalls, a walk in the rain can seem like a disaster waiting to happen. What three-year-old doesn’t want to jump in every puddle they see after all? With waterproof overalls, go ahead and let them splash. 

Want to go one step further? Deck your child out in a funky, full rain suit (available in 3 designs: hazel trees, mini dots & alpine wolf). Made from sustainable materials and featuring a cosy hood, they're lightweight, a relaxed fit (to allow for layered underclothes and growth) and provide great wind and rain protection.

2. Waterproof Jackets for the Win

When it comes to rain jackets, not all are created equal. While plenty keep the rain at bay, not all them also keep your little ones warm. Cold and shivering kids can be all it takes to start a rainy-day meltdown.

Keep your little ones dry, safe, and comfortable in a high-quality rain jacket. With a proper rain jacket, you can still get your kids outside to play and enjoy some fresh air. Walk to the market, walk to the park, or walk to school instead of driving to get some steps in.

We have a great variety of jacket options, from play jackets made from recycled materials to magic jackets that change colour and pattern when wet. We also stock reversible vests that fit snugly over jumpers and long sleeves, and fast-drying eco-puffer jackets with warm fleece linings.

Young boy in waterproof clothing and beanie

3. Colour Changing Umbrellas

If you have a little one who isn’t excited about strolling in the rain, colour changing umbrellas are sure to change that! They also make great gifts for schoolmates and holidays.

As the umbrella gets wet, kids watch as the umbrella changes colour.

Perfect for keeping your entire kid dry from top to bottom, an umbrella will shield your little one from the rain keeping them dry and cosy.

Once the umbrella is dry, the colour will change again. While you play, walk, or run errands, kids have endless entrainment checking to see if the umbrella has switched colours.

We currently have some amazing styles available from Floss & Rock, including SpaceEnchanted, Unicorn and Dinosaur!

4. Rain Boots to Keep Little Feet Dry

No matter how old you are, there’s nothing worse than having wet, cold, and soggy feet. Keep little toes dry and comfortable with a pair of proper rain boots. Have fun splashing in puddles without worrying about their shoes.

The key to a good rain boot is the lining. You want a lining that keeps their feet warm but also dries quickly. The proper height on a rain boot will keep the legs dry of even the most spirited rain player.

Don’t stress about your kid's shoes when they are out playing and exploring. Go on a rainy-day stroll, hike through wet grass, and play in the rain. Enjoy more time outside without all the worry.

Close up of kids in gumboots in a river

5. Waterproof Accessories to Hold All the Snacks and Gear

Any outing wouldn’t be complete without gear and snacks. To hold it all together (mentally and physically) you always need to be prepared with adventure supplies. A waterproof backpack from Crywolf is great for holding water bottles, snacks, and toys, whilst a beanie is always handy to keep heads and ears warm.

Make sure to throw in hats and sun supplies just in case the weather changes quickly too. You can remove your water gear as the temps creep up and carry on with your outdoor adventures. Have fun exploring knowing all your gear is safe and dry no matter the weather.

Skip the Screen Time and Enjoy More Rainy Days Outside

Don’t wish the rain away so quickly. For little kids, a rainy day is full of magic. From mud pies to soggy strolls, waterproof clothing helps keep your kids dry and comfortable every step of the way.

Spend more time outdoors making the most of any weather. These rainy day play dates will quickly become some of your most treasured memories with your littles. For more great kid gear, toys, clothing, gifts, and accessories, check out our new products here