Ecococoon | Cocooncap - Black

ecococoon’s cocooncap provides the ultimate drinking experience.

The soft touch sports bottle mouthpiece provides a safe and dental friendly cap option. Our one way valve provides a fast flow of liquid and instant closure when sucking pressure is stopped. This means a leak free bottlein school bags, hand bags, gym bags and furniture. Our soft touch mouthpiece has an inbuilt 4 cross hair mould to make our bottles 100% safe.

Please treat our cocooncaps with care. DO NOT REMOVE THE VALVE THAT HAS BEEN SECURELY PLACED AND LOCKED IN. Dishwasher safe - top tray or hand wash. The cocooncap consists of 2 parts. The cap is the base part where the mouthpiece and one way valve exist. The lid is the top piece that allows for sanitary protection of the mouthpiece. The cocoon bottle will not leak even if the lid is not placed on the cap.

We recommend our cocooncaps for cold water drinking only. If you want to use your cocoon bottle to store hot drinks for up to 12 hours - we recommend the screw top lid.