Juni Moon | Bunny 'All ears' Lollipops

Juni Moon | Bunny 'All ears' Lollipops


All ears' bunny pops 

Our Easter lollipops are made using high-quality natural felt and vibrant colours! Each bunny pop has a cheeky side smile and is set on a wooden dowel stick, giving the toy a sense of realism, and allowing children to hold and play with them just like real lollipops. 

They’re perfect for children who love playing with pretend food and enjoy imaginative play. They can use the felt lollipops to create their own pretend candy shops or make up their own stories and scenarios.

Each lollipop will bring hours of fun and entertainment to children, while also providing a fun and creative way to learn and role-pla

Sold as: singles 

dimensions: 16cm x 7cm