Kaper Kidz | Dragon Egg- Large Dig Kit

Kaper Kidz | Dragon Egg- Large Dig Kit


Equipped with a sturdy wooden hammer, chisel, and brush, budding archaeologists can embark on a journey of discovery, channeling their inner adventurer as they carefully reveal each treasure concealed within the egg's plaster shell. Whether its a solo mission or a group expedition, this activity promises endless hours of entertainment and education.

Perfect for a leisurely afternoon or a thrilling playdate, the Large Dig a Dragon Egg is designed to stimulate creativity, foster patience, and ignite imaginations. Watch as young minds delve into the world of fantasy, where dragons reign supreme and ancient secrets await.

Add a touch of enchantment to playtime with the Large Dig a Dragon Egg, a must have for every young explorer's collection. Embark on a quest like no other and unearth the wonders hidden within this magnificent golden egg.

Recommended for 6+