Kaper Kidz | Sensory Science Kit

Kaper Kidz | Sensory Science Kit


Dive into a world of sensory exploration with the Sensory Science Kit from Kurious Kidz by Kaper Kidz. This comprehensive kit offers 15 captivating experiments designed to engage and educate young scientists. From creating glowing slime to crafting erupting volcanoes and hydrophobic sand, each experiment introduces exciting concepts like chemical reactions and texture exploration using foam balls, slime, and clay.

The kit includes all necessary materials such as test tubes, pipettes, and more, making it easy for children ages 8 and up to delve into hands on scientific discovery. Whether discovering the wonders of glow in the dark substances or observing the fascinating behavior of hydrophobic sand, each experiment is accompanied by clear instructions for a seamless learning experience.

Ideal for fostering curiosity and promoting STEM skills, the Sensory Science Kit encourages children to explore the world through their senses while having fun with safe and educational activities. Perfect for home use or classroom settings, this kit is a fantastic way to inspire a love for science and experimentation in young minds.

Suitable fro ages 8+