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My Creative Box | Dinosaur Mini Creative Kit


Stimulate your little one's early learning and imagination with our Dinosaur Mini Creative Kit!

Inspire creativity in children with the Dinosaur Mini Creative Kit! This Kit is packed with 3 craft and play activities inside and comes complete with everything you need. This box will inspire creativity in children while giving them screen free creative hands on fun and learning along the way. Children will get creative and make their very own clay dinosaur fossils, puppets with stickers, paint and texture tools to resemble dinosaur scales and paint and decorate their wooden 3D Dinosaur. So much fun, learning and more is contained in the creative guide content and instruction booklet that comes with the box. Creative gifts for kids has never been so fun and unique!

Ages 4-7

Items included -This box contains:

- Dinosaurs Fossils Activity Kit

- Dinosaur Puppets Activity Kit

- 3D Wooden Dinosaur Kit

- Brush and glue Set

- Paint Set

- Creative Content and Instruction Booklet