Q Toys | Classic Wooden Dollhouse

Q Toys | Classic Wooden Dollhouse


Looking for a doll house that can spark your child’s imagination? Our 3-story classic wooden doll house is the perfect choice. Imagination plays a crucial role in children’s early learning. It opens the door for children to explore the world around them. This house is one of our favorites for imaginative play. Boys and girls absolutely love imaginative play.

This house is an open-ended toy which provides children with the perfect opportunity to explore their imaginative skills. Imaginative play is when children enact an event or experience in their life that they have come across or found interesting. It allows them to create stories and explore new ideas as they connect with the world around them. Similarly open-ended play is also a kind of play that encourages children to freely express their creative thoughts and ideas. They express themselves using their words which promotes language development.

During their pretend play experiences, children come across challenges which they learn to overcome thus developing their problem-solving skills. Another important benefit of pretend play is, it helps develop your toddlers’ emotional needs as they learn to express and understand their feelings. This doll house is also great for storytelling purposes. Thus, this three-story house provides children with endless opportunities through which they can develop their emotional, imaginative, language and creative skills.

Approx dimensions of product: 46.5x19x50cms. Weight: 6kgs.

Recommended age: 2+