Franklee Creative | Rewards Cards

Franklee Creative | Rewards Cards


This set of 20 cards includes things like walk, bike ride, board game, reading and much more. I can be used to pick a daily one on one fun activity, a reward for achieving a series of tasks like getting ready, making their bed, completing a school reader or anything you choose.

There are many ways these cards can be a great addition to your family life and can be used how you choose. A calming tool, positive reward for positive behaviour, the uses are endless and unique to you and your family.

The visuals make it so even children not reading yet can clearly see the card and what it stands for.

Included in the set is

- Quiet time
- Read Book
- Ride bike
- Walk
- TV
- Ball game
- Board game
- Trapeze
- Bubbles
- Cars
- iPad
- Music
- Drawing
- Play Doh
- Swing
- Trampoline
- Outside
- Yoga
- Blocks
- Puzzle