Tooky Toy | Latches Activity Wooden Puzzle Board

Tooky Toy | Latches Activity Wooden Puzzle Board


The Tooky Toy Latches Activity Wooden Puzzle Board is an exceptional educational toy that combines play and learning in an engaging manner. This captivating wooden puzzle board features three charming doors, each is locked. Behind each door lies a delightful surprise - a picture of an adorable animal. 

This interactive puzzle board not only entertains but also encourages children to develop essential skills. Unlocking, turning, unhooking, and sliding the various latches require fine motor skills and problem-solving abilities. As children master each latch, they are rewarded with the discovery of a new animal image, making learning a joyful adventure.

The Latches Activity Wooden Puzzle Board by Tooky Toy is a fantastic tool for developing dexterity, hand-eye coordination, and cognitive skills while fostering curiosity and imagination. It also offers an opportunity for parents and caregivers to engage in meaningful playtime, promoting bonding and learning together.

With its focus on both fun and education, this puzzle board is an ideal addition to any child's playroom. It provides hours of interactive entertainment while fostering important developmental milestones, making it a valuable investment in a child's early years of growth and exploration.

Recommended for ages 3+