5 Advantages of Non-Toxic Toys for Children

With new parenthood comes a whole host of significant challenges.

Even when you think you have enough to worry about, there's a certain characteristic paranoia associated with parenthood that... persists.

So it can be exhausting trying to guess what's potentially dangerous for your child.

While you shouldn't bog yourself down with unnecessary concerns, there is plenty to worry about when it comes to mainstream, mass-manufactured toys.

To answer this crisis, there are more and more toys being manufactured specifically with conscientiousness in mind.

This conscientiousness regards your child's safety and health, and the environment's health as well.

Continue to learn about the five advantages of non-toxic toys for children. Afterwards, you'll realize why you should swap safe play toys today.

1. Better Skin Health

All babies have susceptible skin. That's why they must come into contact with as few irritants as possible, including non-toxic baby toys. Doing so can prevent your baby from experiencing intense discomfort and developing skin allergies.

This is even more crucial for babies with eczema-prone skin. Even usually harmless substances can trigger a chaotic immune response. So you shouldn't take any chance when it comes to chemical-ridden toys.

These irritants can come in the form of dyes with resin and chemicals. Fabrics can also be treated with harsh chemicals to strip the materials of oils and other undesirable materials.

Otherwise, your baby could have skin conditions worsen or develop contact dermatitis. Don't take a chance with your baby's comfort and skin health, and invest in non-harmful toys.

2. Lower Carbon Footprint

Not only are organic toys safer for humans, but they're also more eco-friendly toys. This is because many mass-manufactured toys use many harmful substances during production.

One of the biggest culprits is petroleum. While you can avoid setting these toys on fire, using crude oil during production does a number on the planet.

Petroleum is also almost necessary for other types of production. Just because it's more convenient to use for toys does not mean it is necessary. Environmentally friendly toys for kids can reduce your contribution to unnecessary petroleum use.

Pesticide use is also a huge contributor to wildlife degradation. Using these substances for materials cotton isn't just harmful to humans. It's deadly for many species that come in contact, decimating crucial parts of the surrounding ecosystem.

3. Lead Poisoning Avoidance

Since the rise of mass manufacturing, everyday lead contact has jumped. Although all humans can tolerate minute lead levels, it doesn't take a lot of lead to induce lead poisoning.

So safe children toys aren't just for the particularly sensitive. No child can tough out the symptoms of lead poisoning, which can lead to severe health symptoms.

That's because lead is a neurotoxin that can affect intellectual/mental development. Not only that, but your child may experience mood disorders and worsened mental health symptoms. Here are just a few symptoms out of many that they can experience:

  • Asthma
  • Behavioural Problems
  • Unexplained weight gain
  • Hormonal issues
  • Reproductory issues

Some common lead-containing toys include imported jewelry, antique toys, and toy jewelry in general. The countries they're imported from may not have the same lead manufacturing regulations. Toys with plastic could also be manufactured with lead for heat resistance and to combine with metal alloys.

But that doesn't mean that your options for non-toxic children's toys are limited! Our Floss & Rock Deep Sea Jigsaw Puzzle is perfect for kids who like their brain exercises. Not only does it help your child improve their focus and hand-eye coordination, but it has a beautifully foiled, non-toxic finish.

Not only that, but our wooden Adventure Ship is ideal for any child with a heart for excitement. Made primarily of wood and fabric, this toy is manufactured for joy and with no harmful side effects.

Don't take your chances with lead poisoning. Although there have been many positive strides to lower lead use in production, lead levels persist.

Non toxic wooden ship toy with soft toys aboard

4. Creative Play

Plenty of smart and creative kids started out playing with detailed, ultra-realistic toys. But while these toys do have their time and place, using environmentally friendly toys can actually create opportunities for more creative play.

Organic, sustainably manufactured toys don't have super specific features. At least, not as defined as more detailed, mainstream toys. The benefit that produces is allowing children to use their imagination more.

A mainstream toy might have an ultra-designated role as a nurse, complete with a realistic uniform and even a specific identity detailed on the box it comes in. Instead, playing with safe play toys can induce creativity by designating more various roles to a doll.

This way, they won't need a separate teacher doll and pop star doll to play with both roles. Instead, one doll can do both with much more relative ease.

5. Limiting Injury

Unsafe toys aren't only dangerous through the long-term effects of their production. They typically also come with sharper and rough edges, both of which are highly detrimental to a child's short-term health.

Not only that, but these toys typically come with plastic parts. Plastic parts can pose intense choking hazards that lead to 000 calls. Children sucking on toys with toxic dyes can also lead to severe health emergencies.

Any parent would be alarmed at these risks, so switching to safe kid toys made of fabrics is your best bet at a sense of peace. By providing non-toxic toys for your child, you'll know that there is less risk of your child hurting themselves.

After all, it's almost guaranteed that your child will put toys in their mouth. Not all parents can hover with so much commitment, which means that even if the chances of choking hazards/dye toxicity are slim, they're still present.

Make Playtime Safer With Non-Toxic Toys!

During parenthood, it can be difficult to determine whether your protective attitude is justified. After all, the paranoia with our precious children comes from a deep desire to keep them absolutely safe. But when it comes to our children's toys, there are plenty of reasons to take a plethora of precautions.

At Nurture Tribe, we understand how valuable non-toxic toys are for a child's health and safety. That's why we offer an extensive catalogue of safe play toys for all children to enjoy. So if you'd like to reap the benefits of non-toxic toys, check out our soft toy collection right here!