Best Baby Shower Gifts For A Mum-To-Be

Baby showers are filled with delicious treats, fun games, and lots of excitement. But do you know getting a perfect gift to bring to the event can be overwhelming?

Unless you've had or been to a baby shower before, you probably aren't sure where to start looking for the best baby shower gifts. However, the task becomes easier if the person you want to gift has a baby registry already. Otherwise, you'll be left to fend for yourself while shopping.

Shopping for an impeccable gift is difficult, from baby products you've never seen and heard about to the ones you are clueless about using.

But do you know you can lessen this task by learning more about baby shower gift ideas? Here's is a list of items that can make perfect gifts for baby showers to get you started.

Nappies And Nappy Bags

Nappies are one of the most common gifts given to a mum-to-be. This is because all babies need lots of nappies. So gifting an expectant mother even with a few boxes of nappies can be helpful.

When buying these nappies, ensure to purchase and gift them out in different sizes. This way, you'll be assured they'll be used during the first months and also when the baby grows.

Also, you can choose to register the mum-to-be for a nappy subscription service. Such services ensure that new parents don't run out of nappies at any point in time. They allow parents to ask for nappies whenever a need arises.

Some nappy subscriptions help parents to keep pace with their growing babies. They do so by updating the nappy sizes and the delivery frequency.

If you're looking to go the extra mile for your baby shower gift, buy a mum-to-be an all-in-one baby bag. You can package several nappy-related gifts in there too such as nappy creams, changing pads, and wipes.

Baby shower gift ideas - diaper bag

Baby Wipes

Just like nappies, parents will require an abundant amount of wipes for their babies. They're helpful during changing and when wiping your baby's hands, feet and face. They make a good gift for new parents because they're great for cleaning any mess their babies make.

Bibs And Bottles

When babies are feeding, they can be very messy. However, parents can use quality bibs to protect them from the mess. For this reason, bibs can make a good gift for a mum-to-be.

Bibs are good for capturing burping, drool, and food messes. By doing so, they help the baby's clothes remain clean.

If you decide to gift bibs to an expectant mother, choose packs of three or more if it's within your budget, because parents use several bibs throughout the day.

Also, you can choose to gift baby bottles to new parents. They're crucial for feeding whether the parent decides to nurse or formula-feed. If they choose to breastfeed their babies, they'll still need to pump milk and store it for bottle feeding at a later time. Don't forget these bottles also allow other people to help with feeding the baby.

If you're gifting a mom-to-be with a baby bottle, go for those with interchangeable nipples. With a wide range of nipple sizes, you'll be assured the bottle will be useful even as the baby grows.

Swaddle Blankets And Sound Machine

Swaddle blankets make the best baby shower gifts because they have multiple uses. Swaddles & muslin wraps provide the babies with quality comfort and protection, as well as warmth. In addition, they can be used as tummy time mats, nursing covers, and burp cloths.

A sound machine is another perfect gift for a baby shower. They're great for sending babies to sleep by playing gentle sounds or lullabies. Many sound machines produce shushing noises and womb-like echoes that comfort the baby.

With all the perks associated with a sound machine, it makes an incredible gift that parents can use for many months to come.

Baby shower gift ideas - baby blanket

Baby-Friendly Laundry Essentials

Doing loads of laundry as a new parent is a necessity. This is because babies go through numerous clothes in a day. For this reason, a collection of laundry essentials can also make a great gift for a baby shower.

When buying these laundry supplies, it's critical to ensure they're baby-friendly. If you're looking for a detergent, get the one that won't irritate delicate skin. This also applies to the sanitisers and stain removers you may add to your list.

You might also include things like laundry bags and baskets for the nursery. Mesh laundry bags are ideal for storing and organising small baby items like bibs, socks, and soft toys.

Gift Cards

Gift cards can be perfect baby shower gifts if you're unsure what to get. With a gift card, mum can buy what she needs for your baby or herself.

Also, you can get them a massage gift card. A massage will benefit any new mum, especially a few weeks after giving birth. It's a great way of relieving back pains, stress, and anxiety.

Other gift cards that you can gift a mum-to-be include:

  • Restaurant
  • Hairstylist
  • Cleaning service
  • Nail salon